Lip Shapes: 8 Shapes and What They Say About You

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The power of your Lip Shapes

Your eyes, without a doubt, are a window to your soul that reveals much about your personality and state of mind.But do does not underestimate the power of your lips! Your Lip Shapes convey as much information about you as someone who is unknown to you. The most telling thing they say is the type of individual you are in a relationship with or with friends.

Your lip shapes can let someone know just how intense and intense your personality is. People with thin, weak lips are usually gentle and calm individuals, while those who have full pouts are thought to be determined and strong-willed people. If your lips form a perfect “bow,” it means that you’re not afraid of work. Makeup artists suggest everyone who wants to achieve the perfect lip shape should try to apply lipstick in the opposite direction until they look good in their natural state. The result will surprise you!

The Differences between Men and Women When it comes to Lipstick!         

Men are more likely to use lipstick when they meet important people in their lives. It’s also noted that men want to feel protected by their female partners, so wearing pink or red lipstick can actually boost this feeling in any relationship with both sexes.         

On the other hand, women tend to wear darker shades of red or brown in public because these colors suggest power and strength, while the opposite is true during private romantic moments when bright shades are preferred over subtle tones.        –

Full Lip Shapes

You have the lip shapes that most women desire. You’re a go-getter with a serious demeanor. Before anything else, you sympathize, and you find pleasure in putting the needs of others ahead of your own. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that you are generous. You may always be described as goody-two-shoes, but you’re also bold and charming. You’re also quite creative, passionate and sensitive.       

Unfortunately, these qualities may demonstrate that you’re naive at times. You’re not very ambitious, but it doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve anything in life. Simply put, the world needs people like you more than ever!       

Short Lip Shapes

People with short lips lack confidence more easily than those with long lips. Even though this isn’t your fault, there are still ways to overcome self-doubt. First of all, make sure to avoid simple makeup patterns; instead, opt for bold colors such as red or pink shades when going out on a date or important occasions in life. It’s much better if you can learn how to apply lipstick correctly without drawing outside the lines.       

Thin Lip Shapes

Thin-lipped individuals are said to be self-sufficient and happy in their own company, according to popular belief. However, this does not imply that their connections are doomed. In order for them to have long-lasting relationships, they will need to be patient and balance duties appropriately between themselves and their partner’s requirements.       

People with thin lips are also emotional, but they rarely show their feelings in public. You’ll warm up to strangers easily, but you do not make friends easily.       

Your body language screams for attention, but your lips are so thin that you can never achieve it! No wonder people think you’re emotionally cold and aloof. Even though you understand that other people may think of you in this way, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept the situation. You should try to smile occasionally! Make sure to tell yourself that if other people don’t know how great you are inside, then they’re just not worth the time and energy at all.       

Do remember that making an impression is still important even if everyone who knows you thinks highly of what a nice person you really are…     

Short upper lip

Those who have short upper lip shapes are usually outgoing individuals whose extroverted personalities are expressed the moment they open the door! They are tender-hearted people with good communication skills that help them get along well with everyone else. As a matter of fact, you’re very useful in helping others because you’ve got strong morals and values that never let your guard down!       

Your bright personality makes it easy for others to speak with you. This type is endowed with abundant mental strength when dealing directly with problems. People gravitate towards you, and you can easily sympathize and empathize with others. Your ability to share is invaluable!       

Long upper lip

People with long upper lip shapes are usually quite reserved individuals who never fail to do what they think is right. They’re quite good at persuading those around them; however, no one will be able to force them into anything negative knowing that you’ll stop at nothing to prove your point of view!       

You also like sharing your knowledge and experience with others – so much so that sometimes it drives people away! You often forget how kind-hearted you truly are because you’ve been keeping yourself busy trying to prove a point.     

Large and Wide Lips

Your wide lips brighten up a gloomy space because your grin is extremely contagious. You are an incredibly happy person, and the life of your social circle revolves around you. You’re that late-night buddy who’s always there for her pals. Who wouldn’t want to be in your company?

Your large lip shapes allow you ample space for creativity. When it comes to love, life and all its absurdity, you’ve got the right words and courage to help others!       

You’re also very realistic in your approach towards romance because there’s no room for fantasy in your dictionary. Instead, you’ll prefer using both your head and heart when making decisions involving business or personal relationships. You may not be one of those lucky people who attract others easily, but your innate instinct does come in very handy at times!              

Small lips

People with small lips are said to have reservations about their own selves that they try hard to overcome every day. They take themselves too seriously, which makes them doubt their abilities more than they should. It’s quite common for this type of individual to feel insecure and lack the courage to do what they want in life.       

However, this isn’t true at all! You just need to learn how to build your self-esteem and let go of the people who hold you back from reaching for your goals. Don’t forget that no one can stop you but yourself! No matter where you’re headed, don’t be afraid to conquer the task with flying colors; keep your chin up and make sure not to look down on others even if they may seem like a better fit.    

Those with small and thin lips are extremely attractive individuals, but they’ll rarely outwardly reveal their thoughts or emotions. You’re very efficient when it comes to settling work-related matters because you have the ability to see things practically.  

Plumper in the middle lips

You’re the woman who thrives on drama and wants the attention to always be on her! You want people’s attention! You’re like Geet from Jab We Met, my favorite. Of course, you love to pamper yourself, as well as any other dreary gathering. You always have a topic of conversation, so whether you say something or not doesn’t matter to you at all.       

In relationships, this type does best with people who share similar traits and qualities because these individuals can be themselves around them without any inhibitions. When the going gets tough in a relationship, this kind is known to cut their losses quickly! However, no one really knows what they might have been up to!

Popular Lip Shapes Theories

The Lipstick Effect!         

There are no limits to the meaning of your lips, they can be both the queen and slave of you. This is because there are two main shapes that characterize Lips: thin or full. Ladies with thin lips are very hardworking but shy away from confrontation, while those who have full lips are more confident in themselves. If your lips are thin, it means you’re a delicate person who seeks all the attention! But if you have thick lips, they suggest you’re rather reserved when it comes to confrontations, however honestly strong-willed people.

Pout Perfection!               

This is what makes an impact on everyone around us, especially in terms of relationships. Those who have a very round mouth are usually self-conscious and unable to think of anything but themselves, while those with narrow lips are known for their friendly nature! Whatever the shape of your mouth, it’s important that you try to apply lipstick in an opposite direction each time you use it. Doing this will help you to gradually reach the perfect lip shape that highlights all your best features!     

The “Cupid’s Bow” Theory!       

Your lips can make or break any relationship. The way they form the Cupid’s bow is what matters most when it comes to how others see them. If your natural pout forms a very round Cupid’s bow, not only are people more likely to trust you, but you’re also very sociable. However, if your Cupid’s bow is not prominent, the opposite might be true!       

Playing with Colors!         

Just like eyeshadow or eye-liner, wearing lipstick can have a huge impact on how attractive you are to others. Maybe it only means one thing: change your look! For example, dark colors are usually recommended for working days so they give off a more subtle touch. But during the evening hours when both body and mind are ready for anything, try using saturated bright colors that will make everyone want to get to know you better. And of course, no matter what makeup look you choose in the end, remember that beauty starts from within. Just be yourself and don’t forget to smile!

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